“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

A work of art is not primarily an object of connoisseurship, a historic or cultural record, or a commodity.  For artists, a work of art is alive, a living reality.. to be fully experienced, a work of art needs to be felt, more than understood.

Michael Craig-Smith, artist

Why collect contemporary art?

Contemporary art is the art of its time: it engages with the immediate here and now.  It also points to the future.  Contemporary art can assume an infinite number of forms…  Within this multifariousness a collector can locate an area that is compatible with his or her own intellectual and aesthetic preferences.  Contemporary art often reflects the past in order to illuminate the present and indicate the future.  In this way it can reinforce an understanding and appreciation of art history.  At its best contemporary art engages the mind and the eye.  It can force the viewer to grapple with unfamiliar concepts, or to look anew at the everyday.

Louisa Buck and Judith Greer  ‘Owning art – a contemporary art collectors handbook’

People often ask me what my paintings mean.  I realised when I was thinking about this that rather than try to explain what they are about, I would much rather discuss what I hope is their mystery, the gaps between their ostensible subject matter and what they actually say.  This difficulty in explaining the meaning of a painting might become planner if you try to explain the meaning of things in the real world; of an actual bird, hill, tree, table, a necklace or flower etc.  One can expound… on the appearance, function or context of an object, but it’s very hard to explain what is actually means…

Tony Lane

What you really collect is always yourself

Jean Baudrillard, Philosopher


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