“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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Over the years I’ve driven past The Farm on the magnificent Kaipara Harbour many times and been teased by the glimpses of the sculptures.  And now I’ve finally  had the opportunity to get up close and personal (thanks to a fund-raiser by Rodney Life Education Trust).  AND it was inspiring and humbling.  I love the audacious scale of what has been created.  They invoke pure joy and awe!  I’ve seen them in photos in magazines and I’ve seen some of these from the road, but neither quite prepares you for their physical presence (and beauty).

If you’ve clicked into Houzz you’ve probably already found Coffee with an Architect and Jody Brown’s Ideabooks.

If you want more Jody (and I did) head to his website and enjoy ‘an architects dress code’ (where I grabbed the image above), and ‘what not to ask your architect’  and ‘the most interesting man in the room’  – guess what – it’s not me!

Take the time to read peoples comments as well – some of them are just as much fun :-)

senz umbrella mini black

Actually I love writing lists, I live my life by lists, but I’m not a fan of the lists of the top 10 things someone can’t live without…  These lists seem to exist only to fill column inches.

However I was intrigued by a list of the 12 things James Dyson couldn’t live without :-)

Perhaps it was just the use of the number 12?

Sorry James, I was expecting something more interesting, but the Senz umbrella did catch my eye (number two in his list).  The hunt for the perfect umbrella continues.  Luckily we were heading over to Sydney (to see Prince in concert – he was AMAZING), so we found a top3 store and bought one (you can buy them online but I wanted to see it first).

Love Sydney – always a lot of fun – and a great reminder of just how provincial Auckland/NZ is…

And a reminder that we shouldn’t try to be just like our big brother, we have our own identity.

I’m not even sure how I found houzz  but I am sure that within it’s 449,000 photos I can find some inspiration, even though it does feel a little like a visual smorgasbord (ie it’s more about quantity than quality) – I am feeling a little peckish though :-)

Actually I’ve also downloaded their App – surfing is best down from a couch!

Words almost fail me, I love this house!  Have a look yourself, watch the YouTube clip, and scroll down to see all the photos – it’s worth it!  I have no idea who or what is ‘Voices of East Anglia’ but thanks for sharing this with us.  I suggest you also take the time to check out their architecture/interiors category for a whole lot more fun – and inspiration (I’m re-thinking everything we are doing to our house).   If you want to know more about John Lautner, the John Lautner Foundation website is as good a place to start as any (I’ve just bought the ‘Infinite Space’ dvd).