“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

senz umbrella mini black

Actually I love writing lists, I live my life by lists, but I’m not a fan of the lists of the top 10 things someone can’t live without…  These lists seem to exist only to fill column inches.

However I was intrigued by a list of the 12 things James Dyson couldn’t live without :-)

Perhaps it was just the use of the number 12?

Sorry James, I was expecting something more interesting, but the Senz umbrella did catch my eye (number two in his list).  The hunt for the perfect umbrella continues.  Luckily we were heading over to Sydney (to see Prince in concert – he was AMAZING), so we found a top3 store and bought one (you can buy them online but I wanted to see it first).

Love Sydney – always a lot of fun – and a great reminder of just how provincial Auckland/NZ is…

And a reminder that we shouldn’t try to be just like our big brother, we have our own identity.


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