“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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Raising up the light floats away.
Soaring down it hurls my way.
In the middle the glow rests,
My turn now let’s try pingpong in yogurt next

I love this seesaw.  And seeing how the seesaw was constructed is as interesting as seeing it in action.  Equipped with a physics engine and 32 rows of lights it responds to the angle of tilt as the seesaw moves up and down.  I think we’ve got enough room in our back-yard for this.

Check out ENESS (established in 1997, they “transform ordinary physical environments into magical, interactive experiences”) who designed and built this seesaw and see what other magic they’ve created.

That is until this morning, when I found Modular Arts and their range of tiles, panels, and blocks.  Get excited!