“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

What they do are doing in New York.

I discovered this week that New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced a competition to develop a building with “micro units” — apartments of around 250 to 300 square feet. Currently the city’s codes do not allow apartments under 400 square feet. The competition is in response to changing demographics in the city (and it’s not just New York), mainly the increase in one- and two-person households; 1.8 million people fit this demographic in New York, but only 1 million apartments serve their needs. By providing smaller units, the city hopes to make it more affordable for singles and couples.

To provide some context – 300 sq ft = 28m2, and the average double garage is 36m2.

This will only work if they create some very clever solutions, and the people living there reduce the number of possessions they own, and they create some great shared/communal spaces, AND it doesn’t legitimise developer greed.  Or, all they will building are tomorrows ghettos…….

Update:  See the winning solution


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