“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

And I think I’ve found it – though in white of course, not black as pictured.  I love the summery feel they give a room, and the implied assumption that it gets hot enough to need to use them (hard to believe right at the moment).

It’s a Haiku fan (apologies for the music they play on their home page).  In their words:

“Haiku’s airfoils and central motor housing blend together into a single, seamless organic form. Internally, its award-winning motor and controls deliver silent operation and an 80% improvement in energy efficiency over other small ceiling fans.  The smooth, non-ventilated design gives dust nowhere to hide inside the motor and the entire fan can be wiped down for a comprehensive clean. All of this engineering comes beautifully wrapped in a sleek, contemporary package. No bells, no whistles. Just the world’s most perfect ceiling fan.”

Of course when we talk about perfect, we are aren’t referring to the price – this much beauty doesn’t come free – the one I want is USD$825.

Ceiling fans have utilized alternating current (AC) motors since the earliest models in the late 1890s.  These fans use a direct current (DC) motor.   The core of the motor is a permanent toroid magnet, which is apparently more efficient than the electromagnet used in most motors (I’ll just need to check with our electrician to see if we can install these in NZ??)


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