“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Ok, so they are salt and pepper grinders/mills – not shakers – but they’re still perfect.  At least I hope they are – I’ve just bought them.  How’s this for a description:

”In the design process, we often perceive a Vipp product as a tool, which will be used to produce or achieve something – a tool that should preferably have a long lifetime. The Vipp salt and pepper mill is designed based on this line of thinking. As a result of strong materials, a ceramic grinder and particular focus on the sound experience, it is a tool that highlights the experience of quality every single time it is used.” – Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer at Vipp.

I’m really looking forward to the sound experience!  And now I know why they cost so much.

Of course buying them as proven to be a challenge.  They are made by Danish company Vipp (a company founded in 1939 with a single pedal bin).  I found them listed on Amazon – but they won’t ship them to NZ.  Then I found them on Design Public who suggested Bongo US (freight forwarder).  It costs to register with Bongo and then there is a verification process that takes a few days.  Then of course there is the cost – $100 to deliver to NZ

Over the years I have been tempted to start collecting salt and pepper shakers, but now I just go and look at the pictures from the collection at the Museum of Salt & Pepper Shakers.


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