“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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The big job for this week-end, stop our oven trays and wok sliding around every time we want to extract one of them.  The solution – two strips of wood nailed to the cupboard floor.  Perfect – got rid of the clanging and realised we had more useable room.  All oven tray cupboards should have a grooved floor.  I just know this is the one big problem the world has been waiting to solve :-)

That’s a quote from Sid Vicious.  I’m not sure if Sid would love this mirror from Terrain? Actually I’m not sure Sid and I would have much in common :-)  I’m thinking of this mirror behind the bathroom vanity – but I need to understand if I can pull it apart and put in a mirror demister (and how much it would cost to ship to NZ).

Obviously that was a rhetorical question.

I’m starting to finalise the plans for our new bathroom and research the products we will use.  At the moment for the bath, I’m keen on a Grohe Talentofill waste overflow and bath filler, (hopefully with a small mixer on the bath edge corner?)  Going next week to look at this at Patersons.  Be still my beating heart :-)