“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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I’m coming OUT!  OK, so vertical gardens on the exterior one moment and wallpaper the next.  Courtesy of Wall & Deco in Italy are these amazing options with OUT – Outdoor Unconventional Texture.  It would appear that you can only access most of their site by registering and logging in.  I’m waiting for them to confirm my registration (it’s not automatic), so I can get more info.

BTW – they have some amazing interior wallpaper as well :-)


One of the last things we will do with our renovation is re-clad the house.  When the house was moved 15 years ago the brick was removed and it was re-clad in plastered polystyrene.  There is nothing wrong with it, but many will associate it with the significant issues we have had in NZ with leaky buildings.

The idea of a moss covered house appeals.  Perhaps because I got “The Architecture of Happiness” for Christmas and was reading about wabi-sabi – the Japanese sense of beauty – the love of irregularity rather than symmetry, the impermanent rather than eternal, and simple rather than ornate.

However it is to Spain we go for this innovation.  Researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech (UPC) have developed and patented a type of biological concrete that supports the natural, accelerated growth of pigmented organisms. The material, which has been designed for the façades of buildings offers environmental, thermal and aesthetic advantages over other similar construction solutions.  Who doesn’t get excited by vertical substrate!  I think the world needs more vertical gardens.

When we renovate the ensuite we are going to put in a chandelier.  I’m not sure if this is what Nat had in mind?  Designed by Ding3000 in 2011, their earlier table and floor lamps are available from the Italian company Skitsch.  Unfortunately, based on this picture at Mocoloco the pendant lamp is too big.  Giles Godwin-Brown has also been creating two dimensional lamps, though not available commercially.  I love LED, but I predict it will be overused in 2013 :-(

So let’s move the fun inside.  These window coverings are from Australian company Twenty Six Letters.  Lot of love here:

  • I love their website (easy to select options and instant pricing).
  • I love Marianne Sourial and Meriam Salama (they just seem so nice – read their blog), and we all like to do business with people we like.
  • But mostly I love these window coverings (though I’m thinking using them as wardrobe doors).  They are available in timber (plywood or MDF),  polyester (rigid, lightweight 7mm panels) and 6mm Acrylic Plastic (with opaque or  semi-translucent finishes) .

Only unanswered question for me – why are they called Twenty Six Letters?


With a bathroom remodel planned for early 2013 I have spent hours and hours thinking about the wall tiles and a feature wall behind the bath (a great distraction from work).  The tyranny of choice – when you don’t actually have to make a choice it is easy to move from one great solution to another to another to yet another.  Yes I know – first world problems.  I’m actually looking forward to the time I have to make a decision (and know I will be happy with it).  Unfortunately finances now dictate that the bathroom remodel now needs to wait until the start of 2014 – so even more time to revisit every idea.

Something I have been thinking about recently is tiles on the ceiling, so serendipitously I was very excited to find this example from Sweden’s Tham & Videgard (though I was just thinking white).  I don’t like the lighting in this kitchen…..

And a special find on their site:  Please do take the time to check out their tree hotel.  I’d love to also see this in an urban setting – though I suspect the neighbours would hate it.

Pierre Stadelmann says; “my conception of design and products is like a great big box of Lego. It’s about playing with elements and materials, and finding the right pieces to put together. For me, design is a powerful engine of creativity. I love minimalism, pure and organic forms, and designing products that we love, that love us back and that help us.”

I say woof woof.

Made in France, you can get one (though I think you need a pair) for €240 from Ledito.  I’m thinking about them as bedside lamps – they make me smile :-)