“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill


With a bathroom remodel planned for early 2013 I have spent hours and hours thinking about the wall tiles and a feature wall behind the bath (a great distraction from work).  The tyranny of choice – when you don’t actually have to make a choice it is easy to move from one great solution to another to another to yet another.  Yes I know – first world problems.  I’m actually looking forward to the time I have to make a decision (and know I will be happy with it).  Unfortunately finances now dictate that the bathroom remodel now needs to wait until the start of 2014 – so even more time to revisit every idea.

Something I have been thinking about recently is tiles on the ceiling, so serendipitously I was very excited to find this example from Sweden’s Tham & Videgard (though I was just thinking white).  I don’t like the lighting in this kitchen…..

And a special find on their site:  Please do take the time to check out their tree hotel.  I’d love to also see this in an urban setting – though I suspect the neighbours would hate it.


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