“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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These are beautiful (I’ve kept the photo large so you can see them).  I wish I could easily incorporate them into our kitchen, though there’s always next time.  Via Remodelista, (favourite source of inspiration) this kitchen is from an apartment in Brooklyn.  You’ll see from the other photos that the same handles are also used quite dramatically in the entry hall – gorgeous!

From an exhibition at Tate in 2011, Roman Ondak explores our universal desire to track change over time.  We’re doing the same – except over years rather than months (and without 90,000 people).    When you next visit please make sure you join in – we’ll create this together.

Footnote:  I have been surprised by peoples desire to be as tall as possible (eg borrowing Nat’s high heels), people – it’s just a bit of fun, not a competition :-)

iI don’t think so. But you can have a home without a bookcase – the last 100+ books Nat has bought have been on her Kobo. However for us, the lounge moved another step closer to being finished just before Christmas with our bookcase being installed. We were finally able to unpack books that have been stored in boxes for five years. Nat gave away more books than we kept. This design is very different to the original concept, we don’t need the same amount of storage space.

The glass pivot sliding doors (hiding the TV and PC) have a tukutuku pattern on them copied from the Tu Kaki meeting house at Te Kaha. The Poutama (stairway to heaven) design in Maori legend symbolises a climb made by Tawhaki to receive the three baskets of knowledge from the gods. You can read more about tukutuku in this Auckland Museum teacher resources page.

No, not in a hugging kind of way.

What a great way to start 2013.  Actually I’m also in love with a bath!  The Outline series is designed by Maya Design for Italian company Ceramica Althea.  I love this range.  I hate their website.  Let me save you some hassle:  Here is a pdf copy of the  Outline catalogue  (3.0 MB) – go on – tease yourself.  No, I haven’t got any pricing yet :-)

Update 1:  Still don’t have any pricing, but Ceramica Althea responded to my email to let me know their products are available in NZ from St Michael.

Update 2:  Have heard from Andrew at St Michael (he’s got a great job) who said “the bath to my knowledge is not in production.  The toilet and basin are, however we accessed both these products as unsuitable for our market i.e. tolerances (sizing) were all over the place due in part to the production process.” :-(