“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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If you’ve got a spare $50M you might be interested in this property in Palm Springs (put on the market by Bob Hope’s estate) – thanks VF.  I’ve previously linked to John Lautner Foundation site (where I purchased the Infinite Space dvd).  Of course other recent news is the sale of the Schaffer House (I first saw it in Tom Ford’s ‘A Single Man”) for $1.395M.  Some great photos of the house can be found on Remodelista – obviously on a different scale – but never the less, stunning – enjoy!

The apartment Of Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier in Paris is jaw-droppingly exquisite – every single room is sophisticated and sensual; a visual feast.  The 19th century apartment with it’s high ceilings, large open spaces, French windows and classical moldings could have intimidated lesser mortals; but for these two it was just the starting point!   Our starting point was a 1950’s ex-state house.  In the kitchen I love how the wall cabinets have been detailed as a series of boxed units.  I wonder if they would be interested in a house swap?

And so to Jean-Louis Deniot’s Paris apartment where the cabinetry in the kitchen is clad in hammered silver:

This is a photo of a page from the latest edition of Home NZ.  This shot is from an article about Cuban-American artist Anthony Goicolea’s (not pictured) house in Williamsburg, New York.

I love the Versaille domed burlap-backed chair – from Restoration Hardware.  Apparently in the grand chateaux of 18th-century France, the porter, stationed by the entrance to admit visitors, would have sat in a chair much like this.


Rowan Dunford’s Urban Beehive won a silver at last years Best Design Awards  – it uses plastic and the top bar method (both very controversial if you read the comments in Idealog).  I’m allergic to bee stings and we don’t have room for one of these (not that they are being commercially manufactured yet), but I’m sure our neighbours have room.

Serendipitously this week I read about French architecture studio AtelierD’s pavilion for both bees and humans (warning – site require flash – sorry ipad lovers)


Ignoring the rooms that we haven’t yet renovated (ie half the house), as I thought about our home and what we were creating, the most disappointing room in the house was the hallway.  Despite the great Queen with moko print on the wall that makes me smile every time I walk by (and reminds me why I’m not a royalist) the hall was under-whelming.

But not any more:  Out came the lighting we put in less than a year ago and in came two solatubes – yes, that’s natural light flooding the room (photo doesn’t really do it justice).  Hometech suggested putting in one small solatube – we put in two large solatubes!  We’ve turned our hallway into a light well – it’s made a huge difference – to the room, and to our house (and highlighted the need to paint the walls properly).

You can never have too much of a good thing.  This photo is from an apartment in Manhattan designed by Platt Dana Architects.  Again, I was drawn to the kitchen cupboard door handles.  The kitchen units are from German company Bulthaup.  Below is another photo of the handles (available in aluminum or stainless steel) taken from their website.  I’d love these handles done in wood.  If you know of anyone doing something like that PLEASE let me know.  If you enjoy a little kitchen porn (who doesn’t), check out Bulthaup’s kitchens.