“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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Not me!  I’ve just ordered two of these from GSelect – they cost me NZ$83 for the two (delivered from the States).  But if you come visiting you won’t see them, we’ve just bought a farm house (and 20 acres).  These will be perfect, ps I love number 8 wire!  And don’t get me started on which way the paper should go….. :-)

However, I also nearly bought these  – the Diabolo toilet roll holder by Yang Ripol Design Studio for Vandiss.  If you are wondering, it was 72€ delivered for two (coming from Spain).  I love the internet!

You can make so many cool things! These laser cut wooden lampshades are made by  Nadine Fliegen and Andrea Steckner.  Check out their other designs.

Another laser cut lampshade, who doesn’t love scraplights – lampshades cut from recycled cardboard – from the guys at Graypants.  What or who is Graypants?  They can tell you themselves

Staying with what I assume has been laser cut – this gorgeous stair rail from a house in Montreal Canada.  As I said I’d love a laser cutter (and a house designed by Gestion René Desjardins).