“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

The Nick’s Head Station Stewardship Master Plan, by American Landscape firm Nelson Byrd Woltz has very deservedly won New Zealand’s supreme design award for landscape architecture.

Orongo Station at Nick’s Head  also received an award for sustainability, with the judges saying that the project has “unravelled the key elements of custodianship and stewardship in farming”. It responds to the multiple needs of rural landscapes – and not just industrial farming practice. “It exemplifies a responsibility to culture, local people, economy, biodiversity and family. In doing so, it creates an outstanding landscape legacy for all of New Zealand.”

To see more photos and read more visit the Architecturenow or NZILA (New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects)

On this 3,000 acre sheep station they have planted over 500,000 trees and over 75 acres of fresh and saltwater wetlands were restored and constructed.   I’m in awe of the scale of what they have achieved (and I’d love to know over what time frame).  So the scale (and $$$$$) is significantly different to the 20 acres we’ve just bought on the Kaipara Harbour, but I found the description of what has been done here incredibly aspirational.  I’m looking forward to us exploring the integration of aesthetics and function, and the creation of a landscape legacy – who wouldn’t :-)


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