“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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From Sherwin-Williams in the United States is the great online  application.  You can upload an image or using their button on your bookmark bar pick up an image from a web page – super cool.  I used a photo I took the other night of a painting at our local bar Montage to test it.

Resene – can you build one of these please?

From Netherlands design team ixxi is an easy way to create murals.  Visit their site to get some great ideas.  Or load your own image online and wait for it to turn up in a box.

Below is the photo we are using for a 2m x 1m mural for the farm house – it cost $250NZD. When it turns up in a couple of weeks we’ll have 200 odd panels to click together :-)

… and not a drop to drink. It’s a quote taken from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  Why am I thinking about water?  Because we’ve bought a house and twenty acres – and water is important.  The water for the house is what we collect off the roof.  That’s  a concern in the middle of a drought (last few months) and not of concern when it’s pouring with rain (now).  I was fascinated by this rain barrel designed by Bas van der Veer.  It looks like fun.  It looks like nothing else on the market – which is a shame really considering this design won the Rene Smeets Prize in 2009!  Though I do wonder about it’s structural integrity – water is heavy.

While we very efficiently collect water off the roof of the house, you can see from the photo below of our garage that we also waste it – I hate waste!

Love the re-imagining of the coat stand into a miniature ecosystem.

The base of the stand can be placed into any planter, so that your raincoats and umbrellas can nourish the plant (might not be so successful in summer).  From Teracrea in Italy