“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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What do you get when you cross a bath with a hammock – bliss.  Love this 2.7m carbon fibre vessel from Splinter Works in London.  It’s not an original idea – the difference is that you can actually buy this – it’s not just a prototype or concept.    I would love to see this actually hanging from the wall more like a hammock, and for the tap to be more integrated.  Others have already thought of this, they just haven’t got it from concept to production.  A quick google search finds these two examples (sorry, don’t know who designed them):

This is an old post from demilked – check out 30 great examples/photos.  It inspired me to buy the book on Amazon.  Dear Santa – can I please have some knitting needles for Christmas?

Though rope might be easier?  Here’s an example from the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008.

If you are looking for hardware for your ‘barn door’ I recommend Unique Hardware who sell Centor architectural hardware systems.  I don’t think much of their website, but contact them and you’ll find out how helpful they are.  I’ve been looking for ages for someone in NZ who can supply an exposed track – see photo above.  Below you can see where the sliding door is going, and below that the door.  Can you put all three photos together and imagine what this is going to look like?  I can – bloody amazing :-)  It’s just costing a little more than I wanted……

UPDATE:  Here’s what it looks like completed:

October last year I got excited by Lockitron – it turns a smartphone into a wireless key.  This year it’s the Goji Smart Lock which goes one step further – it takes a picture every time it’s unlocked and then immediately sends an alert message via text and email to the owner’s smartphone – COOL.  And this is going to be on the market later this year – I’d pay $US278.  Though I can’t wait till December, today I had to buy a new door lock for Okahukura Lodge (can’t link to our book-a-bach yet,  renovations still underway).   For $NZ132 I got this ‘dumb’ lock: