“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Now that we’ve got some land in the country the design challenges are huge/exhilarating!  We have just started working with the team at Rural Design to create a Landuse Development and Management Plan for the property based on the following vision:

  • Successfully integrate the aesthetics and function of the property; responding to the multiple needs of the rural landscape; transforming it to combine future-focussed agricultural and horticultural productivity that creates an outstanding landscape legacy while recognising our responsibility to conservation, culture heritage, local people and economy, biodiversity, and family.
  • Provide an approach to the management and stewardship of the landscape that provides an enduring balance between production and conservation, recognising the key elements of custodianship and stewardship in farming.

Actually I can sum the vision up in one word – respect.

What it doesn’t capture though is our lack of money – so the challenge is also how to do this cost effectively :-)

So in my world, Permaculture is the new black :-)  I didn’t even know what it meant a couple of months ago.  Here’s a link to if you’re interested.

It’s really exciting.  Bring it on!


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