“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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I’ve previously suggested our city would look better with vertical gardens rather than billboards.  Here’s another idea courtesy of demilked.  Artist Etienne Lavie has combined photos from Milan and Paris with classical paintings.

And I love these neon stick lights designed by Christopher Sheldon and available through Anthropologie (for USD$228).  They won’t ship these to NZ – but that’s where NZ Post’s YouShop comes in handy.

What about a neon sign?  You can buy the letters (and required transformer) on the magical interweb.  Here’s a couple of uk sites:


Well, two TV’s to be precise – but only one of them works.  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about moving pictures, carousals of art, art that’s not static – perhaps because we’ve run out of free wall space……

So, very excited and interested to discover Sedition Art this week – offering an art experience for your digital life (yes, I know these TV’s aren’t digital).  My only concern – my credit card :-)

OK, I know not everyone loves them, and I know they don’t have 101 uses, but here is one; an on/off switch for a lamp.  Back to our recent visit to Mr D’s restaurant in Napier the other week.  When paying the bill I took this photo – it’s in their display counter.  It made me smile :-)

A bit of googling and I found Mr P (apparently designed by Thai artists) for sale on Times International.  Not sure why he’s not smiling?  I want to buy a couple, but have no where to put them……..  Hard to resist at USD$25 (free shipping)

Yes – the sound when you pop a champagne cork (or the sound when you see great design).  The Bouchon chair designed by Andrea Radice and Folco Orlandini is a winner, it won the international 2013 Good Design Award, and rightly so – it’s simply clever.  Obviously modeled after the iconic champagne cork, the cork seat sits in the metal legs without the need for screws, which takes advantage of the natural friction of the material, just like a real champagne cork.  I haven’t found anyone selling these (yet)

We were in Hawkes Bay for the week-end.  Had a wonderful lunch at Mr D, and also stumbled into The Department of Curiosities and Fine Things where we found fat-spatula (and re-mixed paintings of Andy Heyward).  His website isn’t working, but you can find him on Facebook.  We didn’t buy any of his paintings – but absolutely bought eight of his postcards (unfortunately Bert and Ernie go skinny dipping wasn’t one of them).  They’re going straight up to the Lodge.  Art that makes you smile :-)

You’ve still got time to enter RSA Student Design Awards and “re-design the toilet using a people-centred design philosophy considering long-term sanitation issues and what will improve people’s lives.”  Above is the entry from Gareth Humphreys and Elliott Whiteley (designed as a final-year project while they studied at the UK’s University of Huddersfield): a folding toilet concept that’s smaller and more efficient than the typical toilet.

I like it (that’s why I’ve shared it), but if you’re thinking of entering a design, some things to consider: moving parts are problematic, people don’t want to touch toilets,  how easy is it to clean, and will toilets of the future use water?

I had to share this.  The dining table has no legs on the part protruding into the space, keeping it visually light. But I love how the light fixture doesn’t hang from a straight chain or rod – it’s super cool! (I don’t know, but I hope there’s also LED lighting in that ceiling recess along the wall).  The apartment is in Taichung, Taiwan, and designed by Z-AXIS DESIGN