“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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I’ve written before about Hartmut Esslinger and form following emotion.  I was reminded of it when reading this Remodelista article (that I’ve been wanting to share for a while now) sharing the design principles of Richard Ostell (photo above):

  1. form follows feeling
  2. trust your intuition (with a great link to a TED talk about the power of human energy by Angela Ahrendts)
  3. design for now
  4. mix different textures
  5. use humble materials
  6. surround yourself with the real deal
  7. balance the old with the new
  8. stick with a natural palette
  9. mix styles
  10. practice restraint

Of course, it’s also true that all rules are made to be broken:-)


Thanks Austin Kleon for a great blog and introducing me to John Berger’s 1972 documentary “Ways of Seeing”.   I watched the 16 YouTube clips yesterday (some interesting ideas that are more relevant now than ever and a great retrospective of the 1970’s).  I hadn’t thought about the business models of art before.  I love my paradigm’s being challenged – so should you.

UPDATE:  Serendipitously, via Sedition is Universal Everything on Art Collecting In The Digital Age (4:34 minutes) for some further thinking about the ownership of art.

UPDATE II:  Have you seen this? New York startup, Electric Objects is redefining the digital photo frame and returning artwork and photographs to our walls.  Connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the digital photo frame’s 58cm 1080p, 1920 x 1080 IPS smart-display requires about the same power as a light bulb and pulls images directly from a user curated library of images using a web or mobile app.  Future options may connect the EO1 with online weather report services, keep tabs with the time/calendar, and other real world data to affect images displayed by color, content, or brightness.  Their kickstarter project had a target of $25k.  When I checked it today it was at $613k :-)