“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Thanks Austin Kleon for a great blog and introducing me to John Berger’s 1972 documentary “Ways of Seeing”.   I watched the 16 YouTube clips yesterday (some interesting ideas that are more relevant now than ever and a great retrospective of the 1970’s).  I hadn’t thought about the business models of art before.  I love my paradigm’s being challenged – so should you.

UPDATE:  Serendipitously, via Sedition is Universal Everything on Art Collecting In The Digital Age (4:34 minutes) for some further thinking about the ownership of art.

UPDATE II:  Have you seen this? New York startup, Electric Objects is redefining the digital photo frame and returning artwork and photographs to our walls.  Connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the digital photo frame’s 58cm 1080p, 1920 x 1080 IPS smart-display requires about the same power as a light bulb and pulls images directly from a user curated library of images using a web or mobile app.  Future options may connect the EO1 with online weather report services, keep tabs with the time/calendar, and other real world data to affect images displayed by color, content, or brightness.  Their kickstarter project had a target of $25k.  When I checked it today it was at $613k :-)


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