“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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Here is the dilemma:  Do I buy this and work out where to put it, or am I supposed to work out where it should go first???

I hate this wall mounted paper roll holder – because I want one!  I didn’t even know I needed one – until I saw it :-)

PS – here are George and Willy (guys, hope you don’t mind me sharing your photo), it’s their fault I have this dilemma, and am about to spend $240 (plus $10 shipping)

PPS – they’re kiwis (I think)

I’ve got the floor plan drawn, have selected the lighting, and the tiles for the feature wall, bought the mirror, and the cupboard laundry is planned to the last 10mm.  And now that I’ve seen this bronze spoon sink designed by Philip Watts Design (based in Nottingham, UK), its all come together and is finished!

Well, in my mind the bathroom is finally finished.  Now I just need to bring it to live – oops – did I mention we haven’t got any money for this :-)

I suspect by the time we get this sink, bronze will no longer be on trend…..

But, hopefully the toilet I want will be available in NZ.  I wonder if I should have worked to a budget?  NO!