“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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Yes, I know just recently I said I wanted to be a filament designer, luckily I don’t have to decide until I grow up…

I thought this was freakn awesome (and it uses less water), and had to share.

However – spoiler alert – someone has commented “Neat idea, but be aware: this is purely a computer rendering, it’s not a real device!”  Damn, and I was ready to buy one!  design one.

Update – I saw this today, it’s from 2011 – watch this and see what you can do with water:

This is what I’m currently thinking about for the Lodge, and the internet is full of DIY examples.  The example above is commercially produced in Germany by Nagel (though not sure if they are still in business).  This looks like fun and is a great example of upcycling.  Though I’m not sure my DIY skills are up to this….

So, for the record I support Precinct Properties’ planned $550 million 35-level Auckland tower (it’s the glass fronted building in the middle of the image below).  It will change downtown Auckland – for the better.  It will give us underground rail tunnels, a new shopping complex and more office space.  But given the location and opportunity surely they could have pushed the boat out a bit and come up with something a lot more interesting/engaging/iconic…..

At least that’s what I thought when I was reading (in the same week) about The Rotterdam Windwheel (image above) which is a huge circular wind energy converter that houses apartments, a hotel and a giant coaster ride.