“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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WOW – did you know the mattress trade in America is worth $14billion ?

Did you know mattress pricing has been described as “almost entirely unhinged from the cost of producing a mattress.”

Have you bought a mattress lately………?

This Remodelista post is really interesting, makes me angry, and makes me sad (please read it).  Where are our NZ disrupters?  Oops, now that I’ve written that, I realise – maybe that could be me.  There might not be any updates from me for a while – I’m busy….

While I’m doing that- a slight divergence.  Look at the photo above.  It’s a mattress from a 2013 post, with a new mattress design.  The sections in the Cuddle mattress solve the dead arm in bed issue by creating the space the cuddling arm needs to avoid getting squashed – simple and effective (and clever).