“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

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Currently on Kickstarter and not looking likely to reach it’s target are these indoor observation honeybee hives.

What a great idea.  I’d get one for us (and I’m allergic to bees), because I know honeybees are vital to our global food system as pollinators, but unfortunately honeybees today face huge threats, disappearing in record numbers around the world due to a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder. Colony Collapse Disorder has never been positively identified in New Zealand – something that looks likely to change.

Is anybody in NZ making something like this???

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to post what’s caught my eye lately.  Here’s something I saw a few weeks ago that I think this is super-cool.  Google’s Project Sunroof combines Google Maps’ extensive database of aerial images with 3D modeling of the roof, taking into account shade offered by nearby objects likes trees, possible sun positions and cloud and temperature patterns in the area.

This results in a customized analysis of your roof’s solar potential. Project Sunroof then tells you how many hours of usable sunlight your roof is exposed to, how much of that is available for placing solar panels and the savings in store if you decide to go ahead.

Awesome.  It’s currently only in a few cities in the USA.  I asked Google when we could have it – I haven’t had an answer yet :-)