“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill


November 2014

I need to update this page.  Well, I don’t know where the journey ends, but I do know there’s a new chapter.  After 15+ years I’m no longer working for a large corporate, I’m working as General Manager for an architecture firm – Peddle Thorp – yeah baby!

I still love the quote “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” It rings so true to me.  I just wish someone else had said it :-)

What am I doing here – just sharing stuff that I like.  You might like it too…

April 2012

I really enjoy my day job.  I work with some great people in a great company, and have the opportunity (most days) to make a difference – and it pays for a lifestyle to which we have become very accustomed!

But it has nothing to do with another love – interior design.

After too much wasted time trying to decide how to switch/transition, I realised I needed to re-frame my thinking.  I had reduced my thinking to the two either-or options, one or the other.  Well I’m greedy – I want them both!  I’d forgotten to challenge the paradigm I was thinking within – that’s the problem with paradigms of course – they are like the air we breathe (and don’t notice).  I had moved from abundance thinking to scarcity thinking.  Head to Google if you need to refresh your thinking.

What was the huge mind-leap I took – realising I just needed to start.  So this blog is the start of that journey as I start to share what I like and what excites me. And one day, in the future, we will all know where that journey took us :-)